Today is Shopping Cart Day. May 13th.

Shopping Cart Day is a holiday. I invented it. It’s not the first holiday I’ve invented, but the first one I’ve celebrated.

Monday morning, a shopping cart showed up in the lot next to the restaurant.

Wednesday, I decided that I’d have to do something with it, and it would be funny. Friday, after the lunch shift, I have Ryan help me load it into the back of my truck, follow me to my house, and then help me take it into my parents’ bedroom, where I left it. I left a homemade card on it with a hand drawn figure and a message that said “I wuv you this much”. I also put folded paper towels under the cart’s wheels so it didn’t dirty up the carpet. Then, we left. It was left for mom and dad to find and puzzle over.

Ryan, I think, found it funnier than I did. I’m used to my stupid crap. I mean yeah, it’s funny, but after twenty some years of listening to my crap, it gets old, loses it’s edge. During the dinner shift, he dialed my house’s number and gave the phone to me. He was impatient for a reaction. My mom said it was the “weirdest thing I’ve ever seen in my life”, that is walking into her bedroom and seeing a shopping cart. I think that was a bit of an overstatement. At least, I hope so. Dad’s reaction? I don’t know yet.

I’m still in a sort of empty, demure mood, so I think I’ll play some Guild Wars or watch Con Air or something and then go to bed.