I don’t think that my parents even mind anymore when they start roaming about the house at five in the morning and they can hear me eating a giant bowl of noodle salad with chopsticks in my room and giggling in the dark, knowing full well that I haven’t been to bed.

Perhaps I don’t know what “normal” parents are or maybe “normal” parents would be good at adjusting to their eccentric son. Regardless of these thoughts, my all nighter last night, has really messed up my sleep patterns. It’s five in the morning, although I did feel tired around four, I don’t now. I’m going to go to bed and set my alarm for noon. I can’t fall into the pattern again where I’m nocturnal. Naturally, I’m nocturnal, but I can’t operate that way because I have to work during the day, all of my activities that I need to get done happen during the day. All of the things I want to do happen at night. Need before greed as the MMORPG people say.

So I’ve spent the last hour or two appreciating Calvin and Hobbes. I grew up with Calvin and Hobbes and anyone who has or finds a degree of familiarity with the comic will have a better understanding of myself, and will see the similarities and parallels that have been made manifest outside of the comic strip and inside of me. While I was typing the earlier part of this post I thought about all sorts of things that I would type and say that would compare and contrast myself with the Calvin character and the style of the comic in general. But I’m thinking I’m just going to go to bed.

C&H link #1 - This one is great. This is a collection of a handful of favorite comics by the maintainers of the site. What truly made this page worth reading was the commentaries under the individual strips, which gave new insight and appreciation for a few of them. As terrible as it is to see profanity and obscenity in a commentary, I actually found that vulgarity truly made this one worth reading. The comments under the strip where Calvin is hammering nails into the living room’s coffee table is probably a good illustration about myself, at least as a child, but I suppose I’m not so different at twenty two.C&H link #2 - Check out Bill Watterson’s view on the end of “Peanuts”, I found that to be a rather good read. Also, the page that contains Watterson’s thoughts on his characters provides an interesting look at how he considers his characters in the “Rosalyn” section and an equally interesting look at the development of one of his characters in the “Spaceman Spiff” area.