Saturday, Katie was over here. Since some details I do omit, there isn’t much to the story. But I felt bad about it and carved a couple scratches in my chest with my knife. I love being penative.

Work went nice and fast. Something funny happened, but it was a long time ago, and I’ve forgotten.

After work, I took Katie to Denny’s. I don’t really like Denny’s that much, but there isn’t much open at eleven PM and I hadn’t been there for a long time. The booth behind me had some kids in it which were apparently wildly entertaining for all the tables around us and Katie. I couldn’t see what was going on. I looked over at one point at there was a three year old girl leaning over my booth pointing at Katie and saying “Hey! Look at him!” Katie later told me she was pretty sure the finger wasn’t being pointed at what the girl was referring to. I think the girl just doesn’t know how to properly use pronouns.

We went to Pick’N’Save and bought vanilla soy milk and a SoBe. I took her back to her dad’s and said goodbye. At the bowling alley, no one was there. Well the place was hopping. Sunrise Bowling Alley is the spot. Teenagers like one wouldn’t believe. Earlier I was laughing at high schoolers for taking their prom dates to freakin’ Denny’s, now this? Now the bowling alley. No church van. I was a couple minutes early, and a couple minutes after there still was no van. I stowed my soy milk in my cargos and walked the edge of the parking lot, looking down on the JDC. So much money spent on establishing a home for those who didn’t have the home all children should have.

The alley has some woods behind it, so I wandered in the dark there. Then, back to lean against the bill board in front of the alley to watch traffic. Right before I decided that maybe I should be at Maysville lanes, the van showed up.

I didn’t bowl. I sat, I watched, I wandered a bit. The lanes next to our four were populated by teenagers. After watching them I know some things about parenting. I won’t let my kids leave the house, ever. And even if I do, they’re back in before dark. And they’re definitely not leaving the house wearing that. No respect for themselves.

Becca’s brother, Bryan was there with his friends, who I don’t really know. Bryan spent a lot of time playing some game on his phone, and he talked continually to the game. I felt like saying “Don’t do that, it makes you look like a goober,” I talk to myself, I do it quite a bit, but I don’t chat with video games. I’ve got a good feeling his needs for attention are significantly higher than mine, or pretty much anyone else I know.

I told Rob that I had to stop at my house to get my saline before I could make the church, he said it was cool. I stopped at the BP and loaded up. At home, I got some more things and walked down to the church. When I got there I found out that I had missed a Bible fight. Yeah, you read that right. A Bible fight. Like a food fight, but kids were chucking Bibles at each other.

There was this story about a celestial father, who’s city was rife with dissent, so he sent his only son to earth with his knowledge and with power to do amazing things. He was raised by a working class family and would go on to do great things and so many powerful forces were against him. After Superman was over, everyone else was asleep. So I read the book of Matthew. I sat in the sanctuary with my back against the altar as I read. One of my favorite activities, watching people sleep, but usually I do that from the bushes, so this was a nice change of pace.

At six thirty AM, I woke up Rob, and we got started on cooking breakfast. I didn’t eat. No sleep, after eight hours of a liquid diet, two Yoohoos, a large Frappachino, a SoBe, and a PowerAide, I didn’t feel like eating. I felt bad for any kid who went into that bathroom after I got out of it for about eight to twelve minutes. I’m also going to burn down Denny’s.

After breakfast I paid one of the kids five dollars to eat a beetle. The sound of the crunch was worth it. I cut out at about nine so I could catch my dad’s class at Rolling Plains. On the way down I nearly fell asleep behind the wheel a few times. Once I got moving at the church, I didn’t feel so sleepy. My dad was standing with someone else talking to him, and I was late, so I was wondering why he wasn’t in his class. He told me it looked like no one else was showing up. Great. I stayed up for a lot longer than I needed to, and for nothing? Four other people eventually showed up, but I was falling asleep during the video. Nodding off and slumping into a stranger is an ok risk, but when I’m pretty sure that the next time I fell asleep I’d let some has slip, I decided to slide back to my mom and tell her I’m heading out. Which, I almost fell asleep driving again.

I stopped at Katie’s dad’s house and said goodbye to here again. Then slept for about eight hours.