Today’s highlights from the news… and the things I think about them:

  • Child-abuser monk in suicide bid - In Sri Lanka, if you rape a 9 year old girl, the sentence is 20 years in prison and a hundred dollar fine? I hope that’s a lot more money over there. I’m not hoping that because I want this guy to be punished, I’m hoping that because if that happened over here the fine would just be insult to injury. I like my punishments to be pretty standard. Also, I like this guy. Either he tried to kill himself as a protest for his innocence or he tried to kill himself because he’s guilty.
  • Police: Teen’s body hidden in woman’s grave - Never EVER talk. That’s the #1 rule about committing crimes. Exactly who Palmer was talking to, isn’t immediately clear to me in this article, but before a crime, don’t tell anyone your going to do it, and after a crime, don’t tell anyone you did it, and if your arrested for the crime, don’t talk to anyone that isn’t your lawyer. Also… Palmer seemed pretty resourceful and creative in the execution of concealment of the body. Burying a person in someone else’s freshly dug grave? That’s brilliant.
  • Dave Chappelle - He’s not crazy, according to Dave Chappelle, who isn’t qualified to judge if he’s crazy or not, since “crazy” is a external opinion.
  • ‘First platypus’ still intact - This is an odd one. I, for some reason, enjoy reading stories about some scientific institution that finds some old specimen. I think this stems from Raiders of the Lost Ark’s ending. I mean, how do you lose a dead platypus? It’s not like losing your car key or mislaying your wallet. When I lose something for a long time and I “discover” it in my basement or attic, it doesn’t make news. Granted, the crap I lose and find were never landmark scientific items, but you have some guy, he finds a moldy platypus and it makes news. Doesn’t that strike anyone as odd? How in the world can a person find a two century old platypus and manage to tell enough people that it’s becomes newsworthy? Maybe the next time I find something interesting in the basement of the restaurant I’ll raise a big hooplah about it and see if I get an article in the Times Recorder.

I’m going to get on my bike and ride. I slept until noon like planned, and I think I’ll spend a big chunk of the rest of my day at Jason’s. Hopefully taking it easy.