My power was off this morning. No Internet, no computer, no updates. I’ve got the feeling that somethings have been forgotten, something happened and I can’t remember it to write about. That’s one of the reasons I keep journals, so I can remember things. So I can look back and see what I did right, and what I did wrong. So what can I remember?

I’ve visited this local tea shop twice this week and I’ve talked to the … I’m not sure if she’s the owner… But I talked to her at length. She’s one of those kind of people that seems innocently naive about the world around her and she’s a good person. I felt bad telling her about central American kidnappings and ruining her thoughts about visiting South America.

Here are a couple weird things: the first time I came in, she talked to me like she sort of knew me and asked me about the green tea I had bought there. I’ve never been in there before. She said a couple other little things that made me think she actually remembered me, maybe from another life, maybe she thought I was someone else, who knows. She reminded me of La Dayna (don’t ask me how, a touch of the personality and maybe a bit in the eyes), and later La Dayna would e-mail me (she hasn’t been e-mailing me much recently, nor I her) and tells me that she’s been drinking green tea like crazy recently, and normally never does. Weird, huh? My hands hurt and I’m a bit tired. I’m going to call Ryan and figure out when we’re leaving for Columbus to see Star Wars. I’ll write to you later, reader.