Here is how yesterday should have went: Work, Freedom Place, long nap, Star Wars, sleep. Here is how yesterday went:

Ryan was super amped for Star Wars during work. Although I am a Star Wars fan, I wasn’t overly excited. I don’t know if it’s because episode one and two were partial disappointments, and I didn’t want to build myself up for another one, but I know I was very much looking forward to seeing the movie. It’s a big big thing. America is talking about it, big time, and it’s been heralded as the pinnacle of George Lucas’s Star Wars saga. The footage that I saw at Celebration what has been sticking in my mind, reassuring me that this movie is going to be unbelievably good. So good that if Saving Private Ryan and Citizen Kane and Casablanca had a child, Episode Three would knock that child down and then kick it in the ribs. So, in the morning, Ryan and me talked of little else than Star Wars. I think Ryan could have been described as “giddy” during the whole day. I didn’t do the Giddy Test, but I’m pretty sure he was. Also during the morning we had an exchange like this:

Ryan: The other night, I woke up…
Me: [interrupting] Is this a poop story? (Instantly I regretted asking this, and hoped beyond hope that the answer was “no”. I’ll explain why. It’s not because I don’t want to hear about Ryan and the act of defecation, since it’s a disturbingly common topic for the two of us, but because I didn’t want to be right. I didn’t want to be correct in coming to the conclusion that Ryan was about to tell me a story related to excrement based on a partial sentence of six words.)
Ryan: Hahaha, yeah.

This exchange stuck with us throughout the rest of the day. Next time I determine what he’s talking about before he gets around to talking about it, I’m just going to keep my mouth shut.

The server Misty was studying for her GED test, which she should have took the first round of it this morning, at work, and she asked me about one of the math problems. I looked at it and asked her what she was doing around four thirty-ish. I told her I’d come around and help her work on studying. Tutoring, which is something I’ve done before, and I’m not too great at it, so I don’t know really why I offered. Well, I guess I do. Two reasons, the first reason is that I didn’t feel like dealing with math at that moment (even though I did spend about a total of forty minutes of work time pawing through her study book and trying to answer the questions) and the second reason is that I do whatever I can to encourage people to not work at the restaurant. It’s been an on going hobby of mine. Encouraging Josh to quit. Encouraging Red Dog to quit. Encouraging Black James to quit (I felt bad about that one, he just stopped showing up). Now I’m continuing that hobby, but with a significantly more positive spin on the way I go about it. She gets her GED, and she should have more doors open up to her that would be to better places in life, not just away from the restaurant.

After work, Freedom Place. I played some hackey sack, continued my losing streak at pool, and wondered why there were so few kids there. Faith Moments was my group’s responsibility to do. There were three other “adults” on the team, and two “kids”. (The four year age span of the group led me to put quote marks around the age terms) One of the adults hadn’t shown, I think one of the kids was missing too, and no one had really looked at the material, myself included. This is how things are done in groups that I’m in, always, I don’t know why. Pair me up with a super responsible person and we’ll get nothing at all done. Put the two of us by ourselves and we’ll be fine. Anywho, I determined very quickly that no one in the group had done any work (which I actually might be wrong on, but no one else stepped up to bat) so I spear headed the Faith Moments. Showed a clip from My Dog Skip, which I’ve never seen, the clip or the movie, talked about anger (which I hadn’t thought about at all the whole week before I hit the pause button the DVD player), read a Bible verse (also hadn’t been read), and lead a discussion which focused on interpersonal conflict. Damn. I nearly pulled a hattrick. I really do make an effort not to talk myself up, but I impressed myself with what I’d done considering that there had been no prep work.

I ducked out right after Faith Moments (later than I had wanted to) and went to Misty’s. She lives in the Manor. It’s been probably two years since I’d been to the Manor, and even then I wasn’t familiar with the streets, so it took me a long time to find her place. I also had forgotten that the Manor apartments have two doors, one at either side of the first floor, and both of them have house numbers, so I was at her back door, and didn’t know it. Two little kids came around and started bothering me.

Little kid: Is that your house?
Me: [feeling like asking him if it was my house why the heck I’d be knocking on the door] No. Is that your bike [which he was riding]?
Little kid: [too innocent to realize I’m being mildly crappy to him] Yes.
Me: Cool. I’ve got one too, but it’s bigger.

Then the kid rambled on about stuff while I continued to knock on the door. His friend suggested that no one was home, maybe I should try a different house. Yes. He suggested that I try a different house. I’m sure that there are people in the other apartments, but I don’t want to talk to any of them. Misty eventually came to the door and I ducked in, away from my two spectators. We only had about twenty minutes before she had to be at work. We did a whole six math problems. She was doing fine, I had no idea why I was there, but I think she appreciated my encouragement.

I went to the tea shop again after I left Misty’s. I bought a bunch more red tea and some tea for Katie. I talked to the tea lady again for awhile.

I went home. I think Katie called, I can’t remember if I called her or she called me… I was watching the Simpsons… It was after I ate a couple of enchiladas and moved the shopping cart downstairs… Well anyway, I told her I’d be taking a nap right after the Simpsons, which I didn’t do. This is the part that aggravated the whole Star Wars situation. I should have got the nap. I played a little bit of Guild Wars, I chatted with someone for awhile, and then I called Ryan, and then kind of just spaced out for awhile. Ryan came and picked me up and we went to Pickerington.

We ate at Arby’s. I bought a “Market Fresh Reuben” and a large order of their jalapeño cheese things, I can’t remember what Arby’s calls them. They’re jalapeño poppers. The poppers I ate first. Four some dollars, not worth it. Decent, but not worth it. The sandwich was decent, but not good for a reuben. Marbled rye was too mild, I’m not even sure that there was sauerkraut in it, and if there was a sauce, it didn’t taste strong enough to be either Thousand Island or Russian Dressing. Ryan and I ate most of our dinner in the line to get into the theater, which I didn’t fully realize how long it was until it actually moved, which was about an hour after we got into it. Arby’s gave me this spicy berry dipping sauce that I think I was supposed to dip (and thereby ruin) my jalapeño poppers in. I curiously (mainly out of boredom) opened up one of the containers and sucked the contents out. That was a giant mistake. Ryan laughed really hard at whatever my reaction to that was. He seemed surprised that out of all the bizarre things he’s seen me chow down on without a second thought, that was the one thing that I’d given a visibly negative reaction to. That sauce sucks. I’d eat it if I was starving or had some toast with shredded chicken, the hot kind, of course, but otherwise no.

Ryan and me talked to our line buddies a bit. Line buddies are a lot like your single serving friends on airplane flights. Your all uncomfortable, your all going to the same place, and your all wishing you had dressed a little differently and brought a Game Boy. Our first line buddy was a very stylishly dressed 18-24 year old girl who wanted to touch Ryan’s lightsaber. Yes, I know exactly what I just typed. Although Ryan was pretty happy to see Star Wars Episode III, I think that the highlight of his night was the continual attention his above par lightsaber brought him. I asked him at one point if he looked down on people with the twenty dollar Toys’R’Us lightsabers. He said he sort of did.

Our line buddies immediately behind us were three people that were a bit older than the two of us, and I enjoyed listening to the woman, who proclaimed that she wasn’t a Star Wars dork, just along for the ride. The line buddy in front of us was Tiger Woods. I’m feeling fairly confident that it was Tiger Woods. See previous post for my thoughts on why. I liked him.

Two Ryan/lightsaber moments of note: a costumed person walking past us to the back of the line had a Anakin style Master Replica lightsaber and saw (from a distance) that Ryan had the Vader style and said something, both of them powered up their lightsabers. It was likely the dorkiest thing I’d seen all night, but was somehow very cool at the same time. The other moment is that two guys showed up and asked Ryan to pose with his lightsabers for a picture, in which one of the guys pulled his arm into his shirt and pressed his elbow against Ryan’s lightsaber to make it look like Ryan dismembered him. It actually was a fairly funny picture.

Once inside, I really started feeling tired after I got settled into the stadium style seating. One of the kids sitting in our row pulled both of his arm rests off of his chair out of boredom. When a manager came into the theater and announced that the movie would be starting nine minutes late so that we could wait for everyone to get into the theater, neighbors of the kid pulling up his arm rests (myself included) encouraged him to chuck them at the guy if he told us that we’d have to wait until 12:20.

I’m going to have to see the movie again. I spaced out a few times during the movie. I missed a lot, I think.