Earlier, I promised my most avid reader an update after my shower, but I fell into a book. Whoops.

What have I done today? I watched the Stand. Run time? Approx. 6 hours. A good watch, but had I done it again, and by myself instead of with Ryan, I’d have spread it out over four days instead of one really long session intersected by a break for Creno’s pizza.

Trying to stay awake for another hour, at least, I need to get a handful of things done tomorrow, and in the afternoon. Waking up too early will be bad for that. Heinlein’s The Moon Is A Harsh Mistress has been keeping my company for the last hour or so. He has used such a strange style of writing for this book. So few pronouns and transitive verbs… utilitarian and efficiency in style. Peculiar, but welcome.