During the past few weeks I’ve been handing out applications like a Hare Krishna at JFK International. So far, Red Lobster has been unquestionably the best experience. Everyone there has been sugary nice to me. This is something new too: as part of the very specific hours that Red Lobster will accept applications is because they want someone to come out and talk to you after your done filling it in. That was nice. Also, the guy, Sam, who accepted my application gave me a very specific time on which I’d be contacted by the cat who’s in charge of the kitchen. Sam also seemed to be familiar with Marco Adornetto and the program.

When I left Red Lobster, I had forgot to take the bike lock off of my bike. This sucked. Big time. The cable got tangled in the spokes and very slightly bent one of the gear teeth. I think I got everything straightened out.

Unizan sort of sucks now. The tellers now charge me a dollar for every check they have to give to me so I can get cash out of my own account. If I go to the ATM, it’s free, but the downtown Unizan doesn’t have an ATM. I stole one of their pens as revenge. I have it right here in front of me. It says “Rogers Stay-put(r)pen” and there is a inch worth of that beaded chain on the end of it still.

Then I went to Jason’s. He showed me his new knife and boots. He encouraged me to put his new boots on to feel how comfortable they are. I weaseled out of that. Not because I didn’t want to have my feet in his boots or anything like that, I’m just lazy. It’s an undertaking to get out of my boots and then into another pair of boots, then back out, and then back into my original boots.

Today we actually did something. We went to Wal-Mart and bought an adventure game for the PC for twenty dollars as something new to do (we got bored with it in about an hour, game moves too slow for us. We grew up on adventure games, but we grew old on adrenaline action.) Then we went on to Arby’s and some how got on the topic of competitively eating “horsey sauce” while being ahem distracted. You’d have to be there.

I got bored, and tried to take the restraining bolts out of the table that held it to the floor, but my Leatherman and my patience were at odds with each other, so I gave up. Later in the day we went for a walk, the specific purpose of said walk won’t be listed here. It was a mission of discovery (the environmental kind, not the spiritual kind). Then we played Mario Kart for the Cube and I went home.