On May 1st I received an e-mail from one of my readers in response to the request of “if anyone reads this crap, e-mail me”. The e-mail is as follows:

From: [M M]
To: [Me]
Subject: I read your web page.
You wanted to know if anyone was reading your webpage…yep, I do.
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The Yahoo profile that is associated with that e-mail account was listed as being last updated the day of May 1st, which means to me that either the account was scrubbed of personal information that day, or created that day for the express purpose of sending that e-mail. Initially, I only thought it a coincidence, but since I love conspiracy theory, I decided to go with the James Bond rational. I responded to that e-mail looking for identification of the sender, and none has returned in twenty four days. I can’t tell you one thing about this person, male, female, old, young, nothing. The Yahoo! username and the “M M” moniker give me nothing to think about. I have been unable to think of a single person I know that has the initials “M M”. Also, another clue for me is that they live either in Cleveland metro, or the Newark, OH area.

If you are “M M”, give me another e-mail. If your not, but you know “M M”, rat them out.