In a recent e-mail exchange with one of my readers, I had asked her if she herself had a blog/journal/captain’s log and she said that it struck her as being a lot of pressure to write one that’s decent. I don’t really think I understood that properly until today. Monday was a holiday, Tom, at work, lost two shifts, so I gave him my morning shift today, so I have the whole day off. As I was eating my third peanut butter/mozzarella/ranch dressing waffle, I found myself thinking of things I can write about today. When I came to the conclusion that the best I could come up with was why I thought Arlo & Janis was funny today, I thought, dang. Keeping an interesting journal is hard.

Recalling a few resolutions I made previously about this journal and it’s purpose sort of allived that pressure. This is a online version of my personal journal, which helps me remember things. The fact that it’s publicly available is a byproduct. Of course, this resolution has only been observed in order to make me feel better about having nothing better to write about.

  1. Cat eating something
  2. Cat being chased off
  3. Janis looking angrily at the pan the cat was eating out of, and explaining to Arlo that the cat had got into the lasagna.
  4. Arlo explaining that he finds this distressing on several levels

Arlo and Janis is a married man’s comic strip. I don’t think it’s funny to anyone else. Not my favorite in the comics, but I’ve achieved a new level of appreciation for it in recent months.

At Freedom Place, I thought about typing more about the reasons why I wouldn’t want to ever date any of the “adults” who help out there that are in my age category. I can’t do that now, because I can’t think of any way to write down these things without being directly insulting to people that I do like… The reasons for giving reasons on why I find them undateable is designed to help my readers understand what makes me tick. I’m not hunting for people to date, just wanted to give some thoughts on why I wouldn’t date those three girls, if I had the want or chance.

Now, I think I’m going to bike down to Jason’s. See what’s going on. Don’t know how long I’ll stay. More on this later.