Today, young Lindsay learns a valuable lesson about her parents and Kitchen Folk… Here is something that parents should know: If you take your kid to a restaurant and have the leftover cake held in the kitchen until you leave, let’s just hope your kid doesn’t have their heart set on ever seeing that cake again.

Here is something everyone should know about Kitchen Folk. Our favorite food is food that we didn’t cook. Our favorite food is food that we don’t have to pay for. It’s also a bonus if that food is a Dairy Queen ice cream cake with “ppy rthday ndsay” written on it with orange icing. Kitchen people will stay away from unopened, virgin products. When that cake is 100%, kitchen people won’t bother it, but take a quarter of that cake away, and now they realize that they can take a sliver off and no one would notice. One sliver didn’t hurt the cake, why not another? And another? So, the cake came back at about 75% and was left with about 35% when kitchen people got done taking pieces of it, all the while sincerely believing that no one else saw them take more of the cake.

I don’t know what Dairy Queen puts in those cakes… but it’s good… You know that chocolate sort of crunchy stuff? The ice cream part is just ice cream, no big whoop really, but that crunchy stuff?

Stanley: So what’s going to happen when you go to Red Lobster?
Me: Well… Maybe you’ll get more hours… and maybe a raise… and then you can afford to come eat at Red Lobster.
Stanley: F!@# you, Steve!