Today, I picked my first two locks. They were cabinet locks, but still, it was a absolute blast. (edit …)

Earlier today, at Freedom Place, Karen told me that I looked good in my necklace, it didn’t look feminine on me or anything. Then she realized what she said, and started trying to back peddle. I knew what she meant and I wasn’t offended. If it was a “masculine” necklace, I probably wouldn’t have bought it. My skull necklace isn’t feminine, but not something I’d attribute a gender to either. The majority of my accessories (yes, I’m a guy and I accessorize) are either bought in the women’s department or are gender-unspecific. Keeping the hair cut short to the head and at least a minimal amount of facial hair helps me maintain the definite image that I’m masculine, which also helps me pull off the Tyler Durden-esk accessorization. Pretty much anything in the woman’s department I can make work… Well… No, that’s a total over statement. I think I could do a mini-skirt, and not look feminine in it, but it’d be down right confusing, which is nearly as bad, and “good” wouldn’t be an adjective of how I look either.

Tomorrow will be super busy. I won’t be home until ten, no doubt, after I leave in the morning at nine. Red Lobster orientation at 3 until 5 (mad props to Ryan for letting me come in late), which I’m not nervous about. People are supposed to be nervous about these things, I think, but I’m not. Perhaps I’m just special.

So, until tomorrow night, reader.