Today, the toilet in the men’s room decided to start running very slow… That decision coincided with me using it. The Good Plunger was MIA, the Not-So-Good-Plunger, which the kitchen distinctly recalls having seen in the last week, also MIA, the only plunger left was the Purple Heart Plunger, which may have been longer at some point, but the handle is about six inches long, give or take. Overloaded toilet bowl plus short plunger plus me, who is already unhappy that he’s having to deal with this equals Rather Annoyed Me.

Katie told me that she’s not going to be able to make it home until four at the earliest, and that’s when I go back to work. Likely after I get some prep done in the kitchen I’m going to duck out for a few to go say hi to her, unless she stops in to see me first, either way is ok. She lost her key to her car, which is what delayed her.

I stopped in at the Tea Lady’s place and bough the yerba mate I had her order in for me. We talked for awhile, and I got around to asking her if she had a daughter, since she has this very familiar look to her, and I know I haven’t seen this woman outside of the tea shop. So she’s describing her daughter a bit, and then she gets to the area of description that goes above and beyond that of what I’d be comfortable telling a near stranger about my daughter. So that made me feel a little weird, not weird about the situation, but I was curious as to if this woman was telling me about her daughter a lot for a reason, or if it was just how she makes conversation. Chances are she was just making conversation and I’m weird.

I’ve got a funny story I can’t post in here. E-mail me, and I’ll tell you.

If you’re Ryan or Katie, I’ll just tell you tonight.