This morning, I woke up pleasantly late. First at eleven, then nearly twelve. I had received instructions to call Katie whenever I wanted to see her. She has an interview at Bob Evans today so I know that she’s busy. She was at the mall, and told me she’d be around in about forty five minutes. I spent that time lounging around the house talking to my mom about Red Lobster related things mostly.

When Katie got here I gave her my opinions about what she had bought to wear to her interview. After that, we geared up to go to Buchanan Square, which is a collection of little local shops a block or to away. She told me she was hungry, so we went to the Java House first. The Java House is, unsurprisingly, a coffee shop. I have a general distain for coffee shops for the same reason I have a general distain for people who get tattoos or piercings to “be different”. Every single small time coffee shop I’ve ever been in has the same vibe. Employees who believe themselves to be “unique” and express that “unique-ness” by dressing like idiots and wearing sandals. Our server wasn’t dressed stupidly, but the kid who brought our food out. Oh man, I wish I had got a picture of him. He probably weighs one twenty and had this Rastafarian style hat that was so large on him that I’m sure he has to go see a chiropractor twice a month.

Katie had this flat bread “pizza” that had provolone and balsamic vinegar. I like both of those things. It also had the garden mix salad that Maria’s gets from GFS (I think), and I’ll give it an “ok”, but nothing spectacular. I had the chicken club sandwich. Nothing too exciting there, but I was pleasantly surprised that whoever was in the kitchen took the time to toast all three slices of bread.

Jenny, one of the servers from Maria’s, who I believe was fired for stealing, but I didn’t really get the whole story, works there now. I think she’s kitchen. I said hello, we didn’t chat. She seemed a bit pleased to see Katie, but didn’t recognize me or give me the same attention. While trying to pay for our food, Katie asked me to buy a cookie for her, so I asked the guy to tack one on to my bill, and he said we could just have it. It’s Saturday, they’re closing, and they’re closed on Sundays, so they can’t keep them. I took two cookies. Then he asked if we wanted any muffins. I looted up. Katie laughed. I don’t know if I embarrass her when I forage. I didn’t even want the freakin’ muffins, but I can’t turn down free food. I’ll never have any success in the Writer’s Guild is they know I’ve been turning down free food.

Then we went to Zbead, which I had hoped to get the necklace I bought for Katie at the Asian festival, fixed. The proprietor of the shop wasn’t made evident to me, since no one in there really stuck out. The environment of whatever was going on in there seemed rather open and social, so it took me awhile to figure out who was the owner (she was the only one that didn’t keep a purse on her, go me and my ability to deduce).

Her: (after noticing me standing there looking at her as she worked on a bead project) Can I help you?
Me: Only if you take Visa.
Her: hahaha.

Katie asked me today if I try to be funny. I think she asked me that last night too. I say lots and lots of things that people laugh at and I don’t really know why. I suppose if someone else said them that I’d find them funny, but …

Katie suggested I’m naturally witty, but if you ever have a conversation with me and I laugh after I say something that makes other people laugh, chances are I don’t know why people are laughing, I’m just joining in in an attempt to not look like a idiot. So, this woman starts to ring up this bracelet that I picked out for Katie and I ask her about the necklace, she takes a look at it, and we talk about it, then she tells us that she’s in the middle of a project and abandons us at the counter. I have no idea if she has any intention on coming back to take my money. Katie, I perceive, is rather annoyed that we’re still there. I know she has things to do, and standing in front of an empty counter with little hope of being given any attention isn’t on the list. It’s not high on the list of things I want to do either, but I don’t mind so much. In the hopes of getting Katie out of there and on to more important things I take up a position over the woman at her table and sort of hover. Maybe it’s rude, but I want out.

She figures out that I want that bracelet and I want out. She rings us up, we leave, I apologize.

Back home, Katie packs up her Old Navy loot and leaves to get ready for her interview.

The mail has come and there are two pieces for me. One from Sears. Once I saw this, my heart sort of skipped a beat. I had tried to buy a seven hundred dollar camera on credit from Sears a week or two back, prior to knowing that because of my move to Red Lobster I’m going to have a lot less money for awhile. Because of Sears website being weird, I had no idea if I had been approved or not… Hence, I had no idea if there was a seven hundred dollar camera in the mail on the way to me. I think you can just send those things back, but I really didn’t want that. Sears turned me down. Insufficient credit history. That’s good. Sort of.

The second piece was my insurance bill. Hello four and a half hundred dollar expense. Good thing I have money stashed away just for this bill.

Now, I’m off to the restaurant to make some more money to give away. ;)