I woke up nice and early, but I can rarely remember the times that I’m supposed to be ready to go. Same time every week, but somehow I just forget. Dad told me that mom was riding later to the service and wanted to know if I was riding with him. I said it’d be ten minutes before I was ready to go. He said that was too long, I said I’d ride with mom. Ray and La are here, so mom had to pack them up to go to church.

At church, mom posted me outside to help with two people in wheelchairs. I held the doors for the first one. I think both of them have problems that go beyond the physical body. The second guy’s wheelchair was motorized. I held the first door open for him and he paused right in front of me, turned his face up to me and said “Thank you, sir”. I felt like straight up crap.

In the sanctuary I couldn’t get last night’s events out of my mind. I knew I had treated her bad, but I there wasn’t anything that I said that I didn’t actually mean, even though I was angry. So what should I do? Just let it ride? See what happens? Maybe she’ll talk to me some time, maybe she won’t, maybe this is for the best? So many “maybes” and none of them were coming up decently. So, I had sort of a WWJD moment. I screwed up, I should apologize. Don’t go looking for forgiveness, just apologize and be done with it. If she doesn’t forgive, that’s her business. I did my half, right?

I couldn’t sit still, I couldn’t focus. This was it, the only thing at was on my mind. I leaned over and asked my dad for his car keys. I was skipping out on the service, I don’t think God wants me in his house with this sort of thing on my heart, so I’m off to make right.

Apologizing isn’t new to me, but apologizing for something this big is, so I’m not really sure I handled the “I’m Sorry” gifts right. At first I thought flowers, but everyone gets flowers. She’s not just anybody, I want to do something special. So I went to Southtown Wal-Mart and started shopping. She likes food, let’s get some stuff that maybe she likes. I bought six nectarines, a carton of Minutemaid lemonade, a package of imitation crabmeat, and a box of microwave popcorn. I like those things, I bet she will too.

I checked for flowers too, but Wal-Mart was out.

At her dad’s I knocked on the door. And again. And again. And again. I thought maybe that she wasn’t answering the door. She peeked and didn’t answer. I called out her name. Nothing. I tried the door, it was open. I called her name. Nothing. I went into the living room, again called her name, nothing. Passed through all the rooms until I got to hers with no answer. This was making me a bit nervous. She was laying on her bed. She looked asleep. I went in, and she started to wake up, and I started to apologize. She said, “That’s all right,” which I argued. She contested that she doesn’t really remember what happened, she had just woke up.

I think she liked her I’m Sorry Gifts.