This will serve as my first real post to this blog through e-mail, which might serve me in the future as a way of updating this thing without having to come home or rely on shaky-security public computers.

This house is full of insects at night. I’ve never seen this place like tonight. My room is the worst, which is because I took the screen out of the window and put the box fan in it’s place, so not only was there no fan in place to stop bugs, but it also had the action of the fan to suck them into my room as well. I’ve slaughtered a lot of bugs tonight. Katie has been here for hours studying, so I liked to enter into Pretend Land where I’m slaughtering dangerous animals to protect her. Seinfeld asked how a woman could pour boiling hot wax on her upper thighs and rip out hair by it’s root and still be afraid of a spider. I think it’s because they know we like them to “be afraid of spiders” so we have something to do in service to them. They like being taken care of by us, and we like being of service. It’s win-win, and we get to laugh about it with our buddies the day after.

When I took Katie home tonight, I took my shirt off and put on a hat to prepare for the drive. That reminded me of the time Katie was explaining to my mom about how in January I had driven the both of us to White Castle with no shirt or shoes on, but I did have a scarf. And it was about three in the morning too. My mom knows I’m mental.

The yerba mate I bought from the Tea Lady sort of sucks. It’s one of those things in life that you enjoy, but compared to what it should be, it sucks. Sort of like the movie Eyes Wide Shut. Hated it as a movie, but some how enjoyed it, even though the major section of the film was a pagan sex orgy. Her mate has a flavor that isn’t quite what it should be, and is a little on the weak side. I made a bunch of this for Katie and I to give her a little energy boost for studying, since it was getting late. I don’t handle caffeine that well, so this will equate to me sleeping light and fitfully. It’s an interesting experience that I might write about tomorrow. Sort of like a nightmare, but I don’t quite make it to sleep, and I’m never scared or frightened. Difficult to explain. I just hope the bugs don’t drive me nuts as I try to sleep.