This morning, I found a note on my doorpost from my mom asking me to put the dog out and if it stormed to close all the windows in the house. I guess I didn’t tell her that today would be a double shift, and I probably won’t be home until 10pm. So, I went around the house and pulled the windows mostly shut and hoped it wouldn’t rain at all. The windows near my dad’s laptop I just closed all the way. Rugs and curtains will dry no worse for wear, electronics won’t.

The Doop was laying next to the front door, leading me to believe that he wanted out. Turns out he just chose that spot to trick me as payback for one of the many times I pulled a sock over his head and laughed at him when he ran into things. He just trotted down the end of the walk and looked back at me, I forcefully encouraged him to pee on something or get his butt back in the house. He chose choice #2.

Work, so far has been mellow, not hectic, but plenty of Monday morning prep to do. I’m trying to pace myself so I have something to do tonight.

While cutting meat for hero sandwiches, I saw Katie coming down her steps. I started to shout something “humorous” to her and then saw her mom was with her. Stall that action. I had hoped she’d come in and say goodbye, but she didn’t. She was probably running late, things involving family exclusively always happen behind schedule. I’ll see her in two days anyhow.