I almost collided with another bicyclist downtown today. That was a first, as I was heading up Main to the intersection with Fifth, another guy on a bike nearly rammed into me. Interestingly enough, he was going to the bank I just left. I wonder if they get a lot of customers biked in.

Recently, I’ve been considering how many people have pieces of their personalities that serve to be both advantageous and as disadvantages. Both ups and downs at the same time.

Katie, unintentionally on my part, has served to be a ready subject for my, often times subconscious, amateur psychology studies. In this regards I think that she’s a shining and perfect example. She accepts the bizarre. Things that most people wouldn’t be able to easily wrap their mind around, she takes in stride. Myself for example, for better or worse in regards to my behavior and actions, she takes completely. This furthers my example of how it is both advantageous and disadvantageous. There are things I’ve done or said that she shouldn’t tolerate, and there are things I’ve said or done that likely someone else would have been freaked out by, but she accepted and as a result the relationship grew. The positive side of that has no examples that would make any sense whatsoever without lots of background context. Anyone that has been keeping up with my blog should know of at least one good example of a negative thing I’ve done that she shouldn’t have stood for.

I find it strange that I have been unable to consider what some of my personal examples of qualities that serve both good and bad. I’ll ask Ryan maybe.

Speaking of Ryan… I wonder what time it is, I’m still at Subway typing away… I’m going to have to look at new e-mail software for my Palm, I checked out how the e-mails I’m sending to this blog look like, and it looks like crap. I don’t know how to convince this e-mail client to not wrap lines and just let my blog software handle formatting. I bet Palm e-mail software is really cheap. I’ll look into it tonight.