Today is Jason’s birthday. Katie and I took him to Ruby Tuesdays. The food? Same as always. I drank a lot more Barq’s than usual, and I’m feeling a bit jazzed. Still not used to caffeine, and that’s a good thing. The highlight of the trip was messing with the server with my old friend: the TV B Gone. As soon as we got there, I turned off the three TVs opposite of where I was sitting. The server who was waiting on us almost immediately started messing with the remote, turning the TVs back on and complaining to another server about the customers that just left messing with the remote and the TV. As soon as she left, I tried again, but messed up, and only turned off two of the TVs, which turned out to provide a whole lot of entertainment for us. After cycling the TVs off and on with the TVBGone, she came back out and tried her hardest to get all three of the TVs off or on at once, but couldn’t manage it. We were all laughing along with her, and at her at the same time. Eventually, some guy came out with a stool and climbed up to the TVs, turned them all off, then back on, and fiddled with them. After he left I, of course, turned off two of the TVs. The server didn’t take the bait, but I kept messing with them. Right as we were leaving she said, “As soon as you guys are gone I know they’ll work just fine! Haha!” “I’m sure they will” I called back.