So here is some things I found on Technorati today.

Brian’s Blog: Obeying God Is Awesome, No Really This was an interesting read. Brian here strikes me as one of those many many people I know in the Christian community that has a relationship with God that I’m at times envious of, but at the same time I sort of look down on because they can only describe that relationship as “awesome”, but can’t define why. So I enjoyed that post.

Utter Insanity: wow they can lick my nuts This cat is claiming he got kicked out of a Barnes and Noble for trying to move the Bibles to the “fiction’ section. Well, of course, they’re going to kick him out, no one should be surprised about that. I did enjoy the attempt though, even though I disagree with the motivation. I really, really enjoyed the analogy of the “your a great guy, but I don’t like you like that” to the business hiring practice.

I’ve also been tracking a shipment from California with UPS’s website. Mad mad props to UPS for their website. I have a vague distain for spectator sports such as pro baseball, but pro package handling? Woo, can’t get enough of that. I suppose I’d like pro baseball more if the baseball had my home address on it and the TV cameras followed it from the Angel Stadium of Anaheim to my house, but that’s not how the game is played.

I’d just like to quickly point out that the title of my post is actually a play on words from another post I wrote a while I ago which I didn’t really like, and was probably 95% hearsay.