I’ve got to give mad props to Katie tonight. I already told this story to Ryan and my mom because it’s so awesome… I also included in the story to my mom that I think I’m rubbing off on Katie, since this is both clever and slightly wicked.

From: [Katie]
To: [Me]
the exam went okay. there was a girl sitting next to me the kept copying off of me and made it soooo freaking obvious. so, i circled all the wrong answers for 2 pages and then made sure she got every last one of them :D:D and then i moved down a seat when the person on the other side of me got up…muhahahahahah

So I’m pretty happy that Katie totally messed up that girl. Cheaters… My opinion on them in test? In reality, they’re really only cheating themselves. We’ve got a person who’s going to college who is PAYING to be there, likely wasted their whole quarter instead of studying or going to class, and now is going to copy off of someone else who they believe has the correct answers. Why they believe a complete stranger has better answers than their own? Who’s to say… But regardless of that, they are cheating themselves. They paid to learn, and they’re not doing that. Now, they pass the class Whatever101 and now they’re going into Whatever160 and they don’t know crap, so their worse off.

Some cheaters should be hit with a crow bar. In the neck. Twice. Like people who cheat on the MCATS, or anyone else who might some day be responsible for my continued living.