From Ryan… Heck, let’s put the e-mail in here too.

From: [Ryan]
To: [Me]
Subject: G&C
Thought of you immediately
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Thought of you immediately? sigh This is why sometimes me and him get nervous about each other, because we do think of each other immediately. “This is something that has a flavor of [edit…] that no one in the world would appreciate except Steve” Kinuk in Poland: The Repeat of Rrrrriiiipppp. My sincere question, is this person afraid of insects or spiders?

And is it any diffrent if there is an able-bodied male around?

kc’s chill zone: hmmmmmm I thought that Technorati had saved me from the Xanga and the Livejournal users of the world, but I was wrong. People that partake in Xanga communities and such, they’re happy with that and that’s good, so I’m not going to talk crap about the superfluous exclamation points or the use of the word “lol” in a non-IM/IRC(even a e-mail reply would be acceptable) environment or the spelling that assures me that the author of the Xanga/Livejournal/Escapee-from-previously-mentioned-sites either truly believes that it’s hip to misspell every word or they’re high school drop outs that managed to get a government’s subsidized computer.

Now, in this post that I’ve linked to explains the Why I don’t ramble on about why a person posting these sort of annoyances to everyone outside of that level of the blog world:

im probably ramblin on about sit but oh well its MA SPACE and ill do wot da hell i please unless i change ma mind

Fortunately, that goes both ways. This is “MA SPACE” so I can write about other people’s “MA SPACE” if I’d like. >:)