Fun for all: Karma Denied - Myself and Katie both went through the job hiring process recently, so did this anonymous person. I’m happy to see that someone else was pessimistic. Well, I wasn’t pessimistic, I was needlessly cocky, but I got the job. shrug

collantes.US: What’s on my mind » taking a break - This is a post that gives me hope that some day I can retire from blogging to a real life. A real life filled with real things instead of me spending my time writing about hunting down insects that annoy me while I’m getting dressed in the morning. Good luck to Collantes in Real Life.

The middle of nowhere: a smile to go with it! - A mother of a dyslexic child manages to cure (or at least dampen) dyslexia by removing milk from the child’s diet. This is amazing. This also gives me more things to think about in regards to mental health and diet. I’ve been thinking that autism (Asperger’s in specific) is aggravated by highly processed sugars or foods with high glycemic indexes. I’ve thought that by replacing sweeteners with something like agave nectar would be beneficial.