Mid-way between Columbus and Cincinnati on Interstate 71, there used to be a White Castle conjoined with a BP station. Many trips to or from Cincinnati I would stop, and partake of the lowest common denominator (in more ways than one) of fast food. Today, I stopped there with Katie on the way back to Zanesville. Immediately I saw something was wrong. The White Castle was a ghost town, in side, it had been gutted. The sign had been removed. On the door was a sign that announced it’s closure.

Back in the truck, I told Katie that it was closed. I told her we’d have to drive thirty miles north to the Stringtown Road exit for White Castle. She laughed at me for knowing where all the White Castles on my route from Zanesville to Cincinnati are… Or I should say… Were.

Goodbye I-71 exit 69 White Castle, I will miss you… Until I forget you.