Patricia Danielle: Risa - A funny post about a special ed student’s English work.

Live: Suicide - I think I’ll make it a habit to link to any blog entry that turns up in the sections of Technorati that I watch that mention “suicide”. I mentioned (again) to Katie my incredible proclivity towards songs that have to do with suicide today… I think that it was Papa Roach’s Dead Cell that was on the radio that prompted me to mention that, again. This girl’s post about her thoughts on suicide are poorly formed, but not wrong. Curiously, she mentions that she has had “many friends in the past who have committed suicide”. “Many”? I hope she’s not the common thread.

blackrimglasses: f!@# the salvation army - This one is a bit messed up and funny. I had to link to it. I very much enjoyed the summary at the end:

So let us recap: we were rejected by a charity organization.

A funny read.

Lowly Scribe: Stevens Trudges Forward - I’ve been pawing through some “fiction” blogs, and this one was an entry that I enjoyed. The author has posted several other entries that have to do with the same characters. Two entries back explain that detective’s first involvement with the case, the one prior seems to be detached from the two posts flanking it. The middle one, I didn’t really care for, it felt gratuitous and forced, but maybe that’s just because I don’t know the rest of the story or character backgrounds. The author’s style has a forward simplicity to it, unlike the next item I’m linking.

A.J. Goldmann’s Blog: SLP Teaser - This looks like the first few pages of a novel I’d buy, start reading, and either get incredibly engrossed in or ditch about twenty pages in. Because of the lack of further context it reads like a short story written by a high schooler who was locked in a room with a ton of Word of the Day calendars. That’s not a slam against the author, if this novel shapes up like I hope, I’ll most certainly pick up a copy. My only concern is that it’s a lame plot masked by a lot of thesaurus work. I’m certainly looking forward to more.

IMAGISTIC RESPITE: A “Player” In The Field - A short piece that feels like there should be/will be more. I liked this one because it reads like a heavily refined ( read: not gritty and in your face) Pahalniuk. Note the reference to feeling like taking the last muffin. Check the profile, the author is Canadian, so that’d explain the lack of edginess (not a complaint, only an observation)

Speaking of Palahniuk, I noticed on, that they have a “Trivia Tidbit” about Palahniuk. Apparently when Chuck’s dad was 4, he was exposed to his dad killing his mother then himself, then later Chuck’s dad was killed with his girlfriend by that girlfriend’s ex husband. I wonder if Palahniuk finds that to be “trivial”.