don’t think i’m special…i’m here cos i’m bored: dead dogs and freezers - This was a Must Link. I love reading about people who have bizarre work environments. I like people that have bizarre work environments that are bizarre for different reasons than mine (coworkers, myself included).

PvP Online’s Scott Kurtz 2005025288 - A really good way that the new Star Wars trilogy should have went. More dead Jedi’s struck down by the Sith means a better trilogy.

Quantum Future Group Publishing - Ever want to write a bizarre conspiracy theory about the reality we live in? Ever want to market literature to suckers who will believe anything? Ever think the Bible or the Qur’an or anything ever written in Sanskrit was strange or difficult to believe? Click on this link and don’t buy anything they sell or I’ll ban your IP from my server. Unless your being ironic.

One Night Changes a Life, and Calif. Town - In my nightly hunt for stories about special education stories I find this one. It’s a lot like Radio except I didn’t pay four dollars to watch it and the acting was better.

Oh yes. I almost forgot. This is a site about Ryan at work I found.