Several months back, on eBay I bought a very heavily used baby doll for Katie. This was a joke, not a legitimate gift to show affection for another human. The eBay page is no longer up, but the description called the doll “haunted” and the picture looked down right creepy. So I bought it for Katie.

While moving her this week, she expressed concerns about this doll. She didn’t want to leave it. She didn’t want it in the truck with us. She said she hadn’t moved it from the closet where we had left it months ago. The reason it was in the closet to start with was that it was freaking out her roommate. According to Katie, the closet door would close by itself with the doll in there (which it did), but I’d bet it would close on its own with the doll missing. When I moved the doll into her room, the door creaked shut on it’s own and I told Katie. She freaked out again.

I told her we wouldn’t take it, we’d just stuff it into her roommate’s car some time before we’d leave and then Andrea would be damned to a fiery death of twisted metal and carnage. Katie didn’t reply to this, I think it was a satisfying choice of action for her, but she was polite enough not to say that she’d doom her roommate to a terrible fate.

As of today, I don’t know what happened to that doll, if it was packed up or abandoned in the move.

The eBay item was #5523522237 from a seller named supersmarti69 who sells all sorts of dolls, which are sort of creepy even when they’re not demonic.