To open up my Rants section, I’ve chosen to put forth my thoughts on the “MTV Generation”, the segment of my generation Generation Y) that I despise the most. Readers may remember in past posts my expressions at my inability to tolerate the idiocies of my own age group. Were the Baby Boomers or the Silent Generation any smarter than mine? No. But they did things with the intelligence they have. They weren’t self centered. Some times they thought for themselves.

The Baby Boomers complained about the generation gap between themselves and their GenX children. This generation gap was imposed firstly by the children, and the parents wanted to identify with their children and continue to connect with them. Ever see a sitcom or a movie that included a parent doing something horribly embarrassing in an attempt to connect with their teenage child? Generation Xers have a generation gap with the Generation Yers that they’ve imposed themselves. The older generation is actually the one who’s pulling the gap wider. Has that ever happened before? Funky Grad Agrees GenXers find this country’s younger to be idiots. Reader, if you were born in the eighties or nineties (as I was), chances are, people just a bit older than you think your an idiot.

The Internet has become the common forum for socialization across the board. Here is a list of things that GenY-ers (specifically the MTV Generation segment) do that drive the rest of the Internet crazy.

  • Continual abbreviations. LOL, OMG, UR, etc (Yes I did that to be ironic). Can’t just once, these kids actually type out their words? Especially ones like “UR”. The spelled out form is “you are”, that’s five extra keystrokes. No one can tell me that is a time saver. Doing it because your friends are? I’m a veteran of the Internet chat/IM scene, I’ve chatted with a thousand other people who have used those stupid abbreviations and I haven’t. They don’t seem to mind. If you were chatting with someone who wasn’t using those abbreviations, would you mind?
  • Gay. Fag. This is one that has bled into my usage from time to time. If someone is “gay”, they’re the opposite of cool. But doesn’t “gay” have something to do with sexual orientation? It used to. The thing that really blows my mind though… Generation Y is supposed to be homosexual-friendly, but it’s most common negative designation is a homograph for it’s most common social acceptance. Generational lingo… sigh
  • rEtArDeD cApItAl LeTtErInG. The first two seem to be pretty rampant on the Internet, but this is the one that drives me the absolute craziest when I come across it. Do MTVGeners compliment each other when they do this? Do they say “Wow, that was a cool web page, it was barely readable.”

Let’s move on. Brent Bozell, a unquestionable old school conservative points out part of my biggest complaint about MTV and its Generation. MTV does two things, one of them is the back of the house, that it’s viewers aren’t privy to, the second is what they can see. MTV is a company, and the number one priority of a company is to make money. Television does this by means of advertising. MTV is unquestionably the best example of marketing (the Great Satan) through television. Not only is the advertising done with commercials, the advertisers are made happy by the remainder of the programming encouraging the consumption of their products and consumerism in general! Buy buy buy! You’ll be happy if your buying! Work at that job we’ve helped you to hate to buy things we’ve helped you learn to love!

Bozell also touches on another gripe of mine. MTV has completely and totally cheapened sex and obliterated emotionally endearing intimacy from the mindset of it’s minions. He cites MTV’s soft core porn “Spring Break Week”, which is definitely the best example of this cheapening by the network through the year. Here is a bit of wisdom from your Barely Elder to the females of the MTV Generation: If you want a guy to respect you (any guy, ever), don’t have whipped cream licked off of you on MTV (ever, by anyone). Don’t have whipped cream licked off of you, don’t flash your breasts, don’t wear clothes that leave nothing to the imagination. Do learn, do think for yourself, do realize that there are still things known as “ladies” and you too can be one. “Decent” guys aren’t attracted the females on MTV, so if you want a quality relationship, my tip to you, stop emulating MTV’s Babylonian harlot. Fellow blogger, Scott McNulty gives his thoughts on MTV, which he watches, and only makes him angry, I know that one.

Each person in MTV’s ‘reality’ shows seems to be obsessed with what others think of them. The girl on ‘Made’ (which I am watching now) wants to learn to play basketball so people she doesn’t like (the so called Jocks) will like her. On ‘My Super Sweet 16,’ another girl had a overblown sweet 16 party to make her friends jealous. Why would you want to make your friends jealous? Shouldn’t you want to have a party to have fun with your friends?

MTVGeners are only a few years younger than the older segment of Gen Y… How is it that they can’t see this? If a person has to go out of their way to “fit in with” or “impress” their friends, chances are they’re the Sort-Of-Friends I’ve mentioned before. If your trying to make your “friends” jealous, chances are you are a Sort-Of-Friend.

I’ve thought of some descriptive terms for the MTV Generation:

  • Selfish
  • Socially insecure
  • Unknowingly useless
  • Insatiable consumers
  • Blind conformists
  • Sexually cheapened

Do I offer up a cure for the MTV Generation? No, not really. But I can promise the first step towards having a better life is turning of f!@#ing MTV. If reading a book just isn’t for you (which it probably should be after soaking your brain in immoral hogwash for so long), than try the History Channel, or Home and Garden, the Learning Channel, and if there is something half way decent on PBS, how about that?

Check back in about three years, I’ll be ranting about the Disney Channel Generation.