Jonas Luster - The “Taser Incident” - The video of the “taser incident” has been a favorite of mine for several days now. I find it to be hilarious. This is a blog entry giving the run down on why there was no “brutality” involved. No one I know that has seen this clip would agree with anyone who thinks the officer tasering the woman was over reacting. Perhaps this woman should have listened to Chris Rock, who offered tips to everyone on how to not get your ass beat by the police.

Tech Angel: Another bad use of PDAs - I love my Sony Clie. One day I hope to have the opportunity to exploit it’s power for evil ends like the police officer in this story.

patchwork progression: Run for the Mountains - This one is only making links because it’s a strange read. The subject matter isn’t exciting, but reading it just felt weird.

the crossfader: Dumbest Negro in America, Part 2 - Snoop Dogg concert wildness. I’m not a giant fan of going to concerts, but there is no way I’d get up on stage for anything. As much as I like my life being a spectacle for all to see via the Internet, there is a big difference between and the stage at a concert. I can’t get beat up and my watch and cell phone (neither of which I own) stolen here.

Abbagav: Rolling Stones Throw It In Toilet - I don’t like drugs and I certainly don’t endorse them, but this was a funny one about the Stones.

T. Longren: Sim Chicago - This blog entry shows what ranks up in one of the top twenty coolest things I’ve ever found on the Internet. A Google infused map showing all the reported crime in Chicago. I played with that site for like a half hour before I realized I had other things I needed to do.

weissblog: First Real Scare - Cool police blog entry.