Today, Katie and I had the most recent in a string of recent fights. The nature of it? Unimportant. This post has the purpose of entertaining and the entertainment will come not from the details of the fight, but the resolution of present strain. To give you the brief of today’s events: first, we went for a bike ride at Black Hand Gorge, we found ourselves in conversation, and I suddenly found myself in the company of someone who was very, very unhappy with me. The words I said to upset her, I quickly understood how they upset her, being familiar now both with how she processes information and a rudimentary understanding of how females of her age process information. She closed off, began the display of displeasure with me, of a nature of display which has come to be quite fruitless with me. A time, it would have been catered to, but today? No. She stewed in her angry in silence. I enjoyed the day.

After she left me, she later called and started to speak her piece, which she hadn’t been able to say to my face. Perhaps it was best that way, perhaps not. By and by, I became very dissatisfied with her, and hung up on her. Told my parents that I was going to nap, and if she called back, let her clearly know that I didn’t want to speak to her. The nap was enjoyable.

I woke, I posted, I went to see a movie. As I pulled into the lot, I saw a car. I knew this car was one of Katie’s. I hoped I was wrong. I parked at the far end of the parking lot. Standing outside of the truck, I heard the engine of her car. Very distinct. It circled to my left, behind me, and then to my immediate right. I was correct. She looked at me through the rolled down window. She was clearly crying. “Creepy, creepy,” I whispered to myself.

Stepping to the side of her car, I hoped to myself that this wouldn’t turn into a nightmare. She told me she had to come. She told me she came to apologize. I paused. She said she had only come to apologize. I extended my hand, and took hers. She cried a bit harder. I touched her face and smiled, I told her I would talk to her later about things, and now, I was going to go enjoy my movie. This comfort was all I could offer her now.

Later, she would tell me that prior to the camping of the theater parking lot, she had scoured my usual haunts in the city. Just prior, she had checked White Castle. This action, was insultingly true. ;)

Crazy, yes, her actions were. But, I can’t complain. She learned them from me.