Cinderella Man. I saw it, I liked it. Will it win Academy awards? Probably not. Ron Howard makes solid movies. A very basic format to his films that pleases the audience. Although the masterpieces that win tons and tons of awards I do like, the solid films that aren’t edgy, that aren’t over produced, that are simplistic in their formula of Man has Trouble, Man Aspires, Man Conquers, all the while sprinkled with drama and a bit of humor and, of course, a dramatic score that need not be done by a band.

Boxing movies I’ve always liked, even not so great boxing movies. Gladiator has been one of my favorite boxing movies, even though the plot was sort of thin. That’s was the film that Cuba Gooding Jr. was in, not the one that Russel Crowe was in. I’d like to box. Never have, chances are I’d take a couple good shots to the nose and change my mind, but of all the sports that are popular in the States, the one who’s sole goal is to cause as much damage to the nervous system of another human is the one with the most appeal to me. Teamwork? I think I’m good at, but team sports just didn’t hold the same appeal. I can’t explain why.

Cinderella Man also included an element that I enjoy in any movie that features a family man, and in varied forms, in other formats, that element is a very well written supporting female character. This echoes my own desires. Should I find myself in a pinch… A bad lot in life… I can only hope that I’d have a woman who understands how to support me emotionally and back me. We’ve all heard that saying, behind every good man is a good woman. I can only hope that I’d find myself to have that when the time comes that I’ll need it.

In the movie, I’d like to say that Braddock’s final opponent, Baer, was terrifyingly portrayed. I cannot express my appreciating for the depiction of Baer as a ferocious, monstrosity of pain and fury. A butcher who operates just fine without a cleaver. I recommend this film.