Sarah Problem Here?: Life in the 1500s - This one is a list of interesting things from Way Back. I’ve seen some of these items on other lists, but they still manage to interest me.

onservative Eyes: Gitmo: What is the problem? - Guantanamo Bay has gotten a lot of flak recently, and I think that anti-American sentiment (mostly from Americans) has inflamed some minor issues into big issues. This post has a comparison that totally over turns the stupid media idea that Gitmo is the new Gulag, which I thought was a totally retarded (for lack of a more intelligent word at half past midnight) comparison.

Craftswoman Fool Box: Wooden shoe diaries - A story about a woman that has to get half drunk to deal with pest control. The bit about standing over the mouse with shoe in hand and the crippled neighbor was priceless. I’ve slaughtered two mice in glue traps, which I hated doing. If they were loose mice, it’d be a different story. Hunting down mice and mercy killing mice are two different things entirely.

A Small Victory- Music to Evade Zombies By - This one is friggin’ awesome. I’ll tell you why. Once, while in church, in a small group, the question was presented: “If you could ask for one thing from God, what would it be?” People answered “world peace” or “a good college education” or “security for their family”. Me? I said “zombies. I want zombies to plague the earth and periodically attack urban areas forcing the living to band together into packs and hunt down the zombies lest they kill the living causing their undead ranks to ever grow.” Church people didn’t really know how to respond to that one. That’s my wish. As it turns out, that’s other people’s wishes too. So that’s why I like this link. It lets me know about Zombie Army, which I’ll investigate tomorrow when I have more time.