Today, I bought a spider. At first, I went to “We Luv Pets” to just price shop. I took the Doop with me, since they let pets in there. The dog, knowing full well where we were going, didn’t wear a collar, so I had to leave him in the car. It was cool out, so I wrapped a shirt around him and told him to be cool and start remembering collars.

Inside, after determining that this thing is going to easily fall into my budget, I started shopping. 10 gallon tank, some substrate that I might be replacing, a heating pad, a log for hiding, a little water dish, a mister (which I’ve since learned was a total waste of money for the Rose), a humidity gauge, and a temperature gauge, a dozen crickets, and the Rose itself. I also bought a collar for the Doop.

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The cashier was obviously not going to fetch my spider for me, so he called the guy who “knows how to get spiders”, and that guy seemed to be pretty darn nervous about it. He used a ruler to gently nudge the spider into a cardboard box. Here’s a tarantula factoid: the spider’s bite is about as lethal as a wasp bite. As long as your not allergic, it’s cool. Some tarantulas can carry fatal venom, but I’d put ten bucks on it that you’d never find one of those in your run of the mill pet shops. Spider and all the trip cost me about one twenty.

After setting up, which I did a little too quickly if you ask me, I should have paced myself, I started to push the spider into it’s new, much larger habitat. I had let the box just sit on the bed while I had set the thing up, I figured the spider needed time to cool down after being stuffed into a cardboard box and then rattled around in a pickup truck. Nothing ruins a day like being bit by a venemous spider.

The spider roamed around the enclosure a little bit, tried to climb up and out the back left corner, completely ignored the half-log hiding spot and the little pit that I dug for it. I picked out one of the incredibly small crickets out of their bag and dropped it right on top of the spider. I had hoped that this would pique the interest of the spider, but she must be full, and ignored the spider.

Katie called. I told her that I had bought a tarantula and she wanted to come over to see it. She came over, I made her eat a cricket, and then we handled the spider. She liked it. I put the spider back in the tank and it went into the half-log and has been there ever since. For hours it’s been in there sort of busy underneath itself. I hope it’s not eatting. I wanted to see that.

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