Nine o’clock, I’m alone in the kitchen. Twenty after, Vince comes in and asks me who I’m working with. I say Ryan, I guess he’s late. Vince asks if I’ve called him, I said I will in just a little bit, which I actually had no intentions on doing. I take the lasagna I’d finished down to the basement at about half past, and Terra is in the office. She starts telling me about how Ryan had a flat tire and he’ll be late. For a half hour after the shift started, Terra has known that Ryan would be late, and had failed to tell either Ryan’s boss or the person Ryan would be working with (me). These are the nutty things that Terra does that drives me crazy that I no longer have to experiance with any degree of regularity.

Ryan comes in and tells me about his flat tire. I ask him where he’s going to take it and I make lunch plans according to proximity to the tire repair place. He planned on taking it to City Tire, and the only place within walking distance is the Chinese buffet in the Sunrise Center. This would prove to be the second time that we ate Chinese food in one week. Not a good thing for the body.

Before dropping off Ryan’s car, after the shift, we went to the bank. While depositing my check, I found a flyer for something called “Bite for Life”. I took a flyer and was going to post a picture of it, but I think I left the flyer at Maria’s. “Bite for Life” is a joint public service venture between Unizan bank, the Muskingum County Sherriff’s Department, Wendy’s, and Sidwell (whatever they do). Saturday after next (if I remember right), you can bring your kid down to the location listed on the flyer and have your kid’s teeth pressed into some sort of mold so that should your child’s decomposed or mutilated corpse can only be identified by it’s teeth, that action is an option. They’ll also feed you some Wendy’s.

Our Chinese lunch was decent in all regards except for the food. For one, Zanesville has about eight Chinese buffets, so that really doesn’t give any of them incentive to stand out, and this means that all of their food tastes exactly the same. For two, the Sunrise Chinese buffet doesn’t make it a priority to make a ton of fresh food for the dead period between lunch and dinner, which is when we were there, so some of it was just down right cold. The health inspector Ann Boyd came in while we were in there, and I could hear the kitchen’s activity increase, and the guy who had been watching the front of the restauraunt became very animated. Ann has lost some weight and did something (I’m not sure what) with her hair, she was looking pretty darn good. Ryan would later in the evening tell me that next time she inspects Maria’s he’s going to talk to her. With his luck, Maria’s will get the dude.

After lunch, we wandered around the grounds of the juvenile detention center. As much of a blast that might sound like, it wasn’t. We saw three interesting things: 1) a bird with a long tail, 2) a crappy garden that had some tomatos that looked unhappy and 3) this chair:

Missing image

Take a good look. What is this thing? It looks like it’s used for restraint, but it confused Ryan and I. There are buckles, which I’m sure are for restraint, but what is the plywood on the bottom about? And why is it on a handcart? Do the JDC employees put kids in this thing?

The dinner shift only brings to mind one interesting thing, the bussers came in to get their checks and Morgan asked me why I was still here, he thought last week was my last week, and I said yes, my last full week. Noting the new girl who started last night, I said that last time I quit there were two people hired to replace me, this time only one. Ryan then said that four people would be replacing me this time. The new girl, Stan and Marty being moved up, and Marco working extra shifts. That made me feel super good. Oh, right, the new girl. Her name is BJ. The most impressive thing about her is that “BJ” stands for “Billie Jean”. Other than that, I’ve got no real information about her. She seems more quiet than most people’s first day, and particuarly unsocial, which I can attribute to her first day.

After work, I started biking home to wait on Katie, so we could go to White Castle to wait for Ryan so we could eat and go see Batman Begins. Just before I get to Maple my bike gets really hard to pedal. Turns out I’ve got my first flat. Ryan starts his day with a flat, I end mine with one. So I walk my bike all the way up Maple and down my street. Katie’s already there and waiting. I take my bike inside and Katie keeps asking me questions. I’m annoyed about being late (not the bike tire, just being late) and I try not to be short or annoyed with her, but I think I was a little bit. My parents put carpet in the living room yesterday, so I left with really nice hardwoods and I come back with this blueish carpet. I recall telling them that I didn’t want carpet in the room, I like the hardwood. But, hey, it’s not my house.

White Castle was decent, as always.

After the movie, Ryan expressed “That’s how Batman movies are supposed to be,” and I agree. It’s the best Batman movie I’ve seen. Christian Bale looks more like Christopher Reeves than any of the other Batman actors, so I kept seeing Superman. That was a little weirdness that made me keep having to remind myself that we’re watching the Dark Knight, not the Man of Steel. Unfortunately, I believe that Batman the Animated Series has jaded me on what Batman characters should be. The scarecrow is in this movie, and I absolutely love the casting work on Dr. Crane. Some guy that I’ve seen in Cold Mountain, but I can’t remember who. He was distinctly nutty. The Scarecrow mask is the bit the sucked though, the animated Scarecrow is one of the many pieces that didn’t seem to fit with me because of “how it should be”. Mask should be more of a “sheer” instead of “rough”.

If you want to make a guy (and you’re a female) feel super good, while watching this movie with him, lean over and say “You remind me of Batman,” Katie did that. I’m smart enough not to ask “why”, in the hopes that I will never ruin that compliment.