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But this weekend, we get to try it for real! We get to go buy camping supplies! I suggested a canteen and compass, but then Matt said, “Becky, for god’s sake, Suzy & Steve will be in an RV right next to us, if we need a drink, we’ll go in their kitchen…if we get lost, we’ll call them on their cell”. I wonder if I still have my Wile E. Coyote Canteen. It was a great canteen. (sigh)

Spices Life and Moaning: Spiders - A female writes about her terrible terrible fear of spiders.

I know that I am 400% bigger than they are but man alive-they freak me out.

She’s only four times larger than a creature that weighs less than a pound? Hrm.

Simplicity Redefined: The Tarantula - This one got linked, not because it’s interesting, because it’s strange, and blessedly short.

HeisseScheisse: I swear, he was THAT big! - A very fun spider killing story. Also, props on the German name to the site.

Get On The Blandwagon!: Unattractive - A hilarious rundown of three old movies. The thoughts on how the Pit and the Pendulum stacks up against George Lucus’s Star Wars in regards to the decent into madness is great.

grow up!: I love New Mexico - Interesting observations about how some Americans don’t understand that New Mexico isn’t part of Mexico, but a part of the United States. I guess most people didn’t get the memo sent out in 1912.

Melanie in Honduras: Yo ho, yo ho, a pirate’s life for me - This girl’s blog might be going into rotation. It’s a very interesting read. She’s a Peace Corp volunteer in Honduras.

why was daddy kissing that man in the park? - This one WILL go into rotation. It’s like reading Jack Handy’s Deep Thoughts.

By the way, I absolutely hate that not a single one of the blogs I’ve linked to today have trackback enabled. It’s annoying.