I just noticed that according to my hosting company’s logs, I’ve had five visitors in the past two days. All totaled, the thirteen days prior I had over six hundred, so I wonder what the heck happened.

Also, I’m thinking about blog strategies in reference to work. At Maria’s I got away with all sorts of stuff, and if management had ever found out I had a blog and it contained all sorts of Maria’s Top Secret Going Ons, I probably wouldn’t have been fired. Red Lobster? These are the big boys. I’ve been reading about a few people that have been fired for blogging. Sassy Little Punkin was one and I read about the Delta stewardess that was fired probably for decent reasons, but her site didn’t immediately offer up to me what she wrote about or posted that led Delta to firing her. So I think it’s either:

* Don't post about work. Not going to happen.
* Use fake names for everyone. Don't really know if that'd be a saving grace should management's eye turn my direction.
* Just try not to let anyone at Red Lobster know that you keep a blog. Probably what I'm going to do.

Now, I’m off to hit up the ATM and go to work.