Imagine, if you will, that you live in a glass box filled with cardboard egg cartons with about a thousand of your closest friends and all play fiddle all day long. Then imagine that a guy with a half of a plastic milk jug comes along and scoops you and a random selection of your friends up and into a plastic bag to be sold to a kid that smells like a deep fryer.

That kid then puts you in another glass tank with his kitten. Well it’s almost like a kitten. It’s quiet, it’s cute, it’s soft and fuzzy. The largest difference is this kitten has eight legs and is venomous. The kitten also likes to quickly snatch you up, sink it’s teeth into you and pump you full of a toxin that not only will shut down your poor little cricket body, but it will also start turning your innard to mush, to be sucked out later. As your nervous system starts to fade into the “Off” mode, the kitten starts to rotate, doing a interesting little waltz that no one can seem to figure out why this kitten, or any other fuzzy eight legged venomous kitten does this immediately after determining that whatever is being clenched in it’s front paws has just shrugged off this mortal coil. And to think, you and your eleven buddies only cost that kid two dollars. Talk about insult added to injury.