Technorati search term: “emergency room” Camp HappyBadFun!: If I Could Be… - This is one of those tagging things that is so popular in the blog world. I don’t know if I’ll play should any of my blogger associates tag me. I didn’t do these things when they were e-mailed to me.

Colorfully-See-Through-Head - This girl has a geek husband (or boyfriend or sugnificant other, I didn’t really gather the specifics)

In the Agora: Memogate, again - I’ve had mild interest in this whole Schivo memo going ons, and this blog entry has a pretty good consolidation of information about it.

Liz’s Waste of Bandwidth: Now That’s Not Good - A John Bobbitt type going on. Distasteful to read, even more distasteful to read while naked, let me tell you what.

grim amusements: aids today - A read that I enjoyed about African Americans believing that AIDS is a conspiracy to wipe them out by the government, which may or may not be true.