Last night was pretty wild. Sure, it was busy, but that’s not what made it wild. I’m not used to working Sundays, so I think that my game was a bit off kilter to start with, and I don’t know how business goes on Sundays in a restaurant.

After coming back from my less than hour break, Justin, the kitchen manager, asked me when my last training shift was. To be honost, I wouldn’t say that I had a training shift. My first shift, I was given the tour of the fry station and a quick overview of how many bags of this or that something got and then I was cut loose. I told him I didn’t know. He said, that it didn’t really matter because tonight I was on my own. I grinned at him.

Shortly after six thirty, Matt, the guy running the line, told me to start cleaning my station. This is a precurser to him cutting me loose. Then, that lapse in business was over, tickets poured in. Quarter to eight, that business came to an end and Matt announced to the line to start cleaning. Over the course of the next half hour, he cut loose everyone on line, except myself. Then the tickets started again.

Let me backpedal a bit, somewhere around seven o’clock, the line started running out of prep. By eight, we were out of nearly everything and working Bruce, the back up, as much as we could. Flat shrimp was the major pain in the butt for me, linguini for the rest of the line.

Now, the line is running a very much skeleton crew, looking at a lot of tickets, and Bruce was in the middle of hosing out the wet box (which looks like a fairly big under taking). Matt was unhappy, he was getting pissy to the AC about how long the food was sitting there before being sent out. I ponied up, and started to look ahead on the tickets (something I havn’t done before) and got my stuff ready long before it was called. Generally, fry calls are made right before the ticket goes out, as it all cooks real fast. Last night thought, I faced two problems. One, I had emptied out my cold box and had nothing immediately on hand, secondly, half of the items for me weren’t prepped. Bruce was butt deep in his own work, so I had him give me a crash course on how to prep a few items out of my line up, and got them done.

Towards the end, I fished for a compliment. Yes, I know, it’s horrible. But I did it. “Maybe you should have switched me out for Jerry, he might have been more use to you over here,” I said to Matt. I was hoping for him to say “Nah, your better than Jerry and you’ve only been here four days,” even though I like Jerry.

“You stuck with me, and that’s good. I’ll be training you tommorrow night,” he actually said.

I guess that’s a compliment, just not the one I was looking for.

Just before I left, I was wiping down Bruce’s area after I had spilled cornmeal all over it from the prep I did, he thanked me for helping him out on the prep. I said “There’s no ‘I’ in Lobster,” I thought it was funny, he didn’t seem to care. He was tired. Maybe I’ll have a hat made that says that.