The Best Page In The Universe: I Hate Cameron Diaz - This is now a favorite rant of mine, as it’s anti-MTV bulls!@# to start with and secondly hopefully some stupid member of the MTV generation that believes that MTV is some how a “good thing” and it represents ideals that actually contain substance reads it. I’d have titled the rant “I Hate Drew Barrymore”. Diaz is probably stupid too, but Barrymore seems to be perminently drugged up, likely on mescaline.

Jackson’s Junction: But But But But …… There are no WMDs! - Recent things have led people to believe that there have been WMDs in the Middle East and lots of the pieces to put them together. I’m not a big time Bush supporter, but I really thought that there would be no evidence of any kind for WMDs. Pleasantly delighted.

Wesly Blog: Is Numerical Growth an Indicator of Good Theology - This piece about church congregations in the traditional sense echo the conversations that were held at the Freedom Place meeting yesterday. We don’t specifically want increased numbers. We want quality first, then quantity. These thoughts are a partial revelation for me. One one hand I didn’t really care one way or the other if a church that I went to had twelve people or twelve hundred, but now I really think that the numbers have little bearing on what the church is teaching. The Old Time-y Family Lutheran Church and the Branch Davidians had similar numbers, and vastly diffrent systems of teaching and what was being taught. I don’t really think numbers corrilate to what is being taught theologically… Likely, how it’s being taught. Like it or not, eternal life in the Kingdom of God doesn’t market itself. Crack does. Kingdom of God doesn’t. Sign of the times.