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Last night I was practicing my underwater swimming at the gym. Years ago, I think I was very good at swimming underwater and enjoyed it quite a bit, but now I feel that swimming isn’t as enjoyable as I remember it. So last night, I tried to remember how I swam when I was much younger, and then do that. Turns out that I still find underwater swimming more enjoyable. I challenged Amber to see who could swim furthest in the pool without coming up for air. I’ve got an above average lung capacity, but she’s a stronger swimmer than me. The first time I came out ahead by only a foot. I told her I wanted to swim the whole length of the pool.

Later I would ask the guy at the front desk how long the pool is and he shows me a laminated sheet that breaks down how many laps equal what fraction of a mile or a kilometer. His sheet says that sixteen lengths of the pool equals a quarter mile.

1 mile = 5280 feet
5280 feet / 4 = 1320 feet
1320 feet / 16 = 82.5 feet

So my goal (which I set for myself before knowing how long the pool is) would be to swim underwater for eighty two and a half feet. My first few shots at it, I’d come up either a third or a half of the pool. Then with the realization that my body asks for oxygen well before it actually needs it, with the remembrance that there are free divers that regularly go to depths of over a hundred feet, and encouragement from Amber (which still feels weird to me to be encouraged towards something that doesn’t benefit the encourager).

Little under a hour of practicing later, I made it. Unquestionably, the biggest sense of accomplishment I’ve had in some time.