Just after a very nice lunch at Thurman’s Cafe, which accurately claims to have the best burgers in Columbus, Amber and I stood outside on the sidewalk in German Village and spent some time with a dog chained to a parking sign in front of Easy Street Cafe. I looked up and saw a chocolate Doberman waiting with a guy to cross Jaeger St. to our side of Thurman Ave. Amber points out that it’s a seeing eye dog and I realize I’m about to discover what happens when a seeing eye dog runs into a regular dog. It’s been a long standing question for me.

Turns out that when a service dog runs into a regular dog, the service dog turns into a regular dog too and the blind guy has to try very hard to command the dog to continue being a service dog, while people standing nearby try to get between the two dogs in the hopes that the service dog (which apparently can read the “walk” symbol at crosswalks) forgets that there is another dog nearby.