Last night on the way home, I watched the heat lightening over western Virginia light up the dark skies before be and I could feel the glow of D. C. behind me. This morning I left the house in a cool fog that burnt off with the rising sun that kept in my eyes as I drove to work. The nature of Virginia is fantastic and I think it’s summer will treat me well. Northern Virginia drivers on the other hand are frequently bold and sometimes malicious. Ohioan drivers would be unaccustomed to the regular interstate delays because of simple congestion that will devolve into hour long delays because of a simple fender bender. Amazingly those accidents don’t seem to be common.

Other observations, working in customer service, is that northern Virginians, by and large, seem to be freer with their money than Ohioans. I’ve been explained that it is just because there is a lot more of it in the area. Some of the northern Virginia counties are the richest counties in the whole country. Northern Virginians also seem less willing to wait than Ohioans seem to be. I’d think that with the way traffic works they’d be used to it, but maybe they’re tired of waiting because of the traffic.