Two nights, I arrived in Ohio to visit friends and family. While I was asleep that night someone took two phone chargers, a 3.5mm aux cable, and, for some reason, my Jawbone Up charger from my unlocked car. The last one really got under my skin because it is a very proprietary charger. It works with nothing else.

Because I didn’t know this until I ran my battery on my phone down and then left for a long drive to Columbus. For the first time that I can remember in a car I’ve owned for two years, I turned on the radio. Terrestrial radio is terrible. Particularly in the morning when there are all the morning shows with a group of people telling jokes and then laughing. I don’t enjoy that at all. It’s banality at its worst. I hope terrestrial radio dies. Terrible quality on all the stations, way more commercials than Pandora has, and I can’t skip songs. It was surprising to me how much worse radio is compared to what I’m used to.