Saturday, Kerry and I were in DC for a fund raising walk. Easy circuit from the base of the Washington Monument, around the tidal basin and the Jefferson Memorial, and back to the Washington Monument. There were a lot of kids on the walk too. About the half way point there was a girl, maybe 10 or 12, stopped with her friends and parents on the Ohio Drive Bridge and pointed down to the cement by the edge of the water and cried, “There is a suspicious backpack! We need to keep moving!”

On and off, I’ve been thinking about that for days.

When I was 10 or 12, I didn’t see suspicious anything. Even now, that’s a bag someone left and is probably very annoyed by that. Even if I was in the mindset that a terrorist left it there, it’d be a small package of explosives pretty far away from a monument that has no value to the way the country works. Not a high priority target, I’m going to guess on this.

I wonder how many other kids are certain that terrorists (whatever liberal definition we’re giving that word these days) are right around the corner with their box cutters and IEDs? How sad.