Nature gave them tongues, technology gave them loudspeakers, and they all believe that because they can use both, whatever they say is important.
-The Final Remake of The Return of Little Latin Larry, with a Completely Remastered Soundtrack and the Original Audience
Pat Cadigan

As a bit of a follow-up for my decision to stop using Facebook, I logged in a few days ago to get some contact information from someone and realized two things:

  • My family remembers that Kerry and I don’t use Facebook for important events.
  • I didn’t miss anything.

Recently, my sister gave birth to a son. My family kept my family in the loop through text primarily. This was the sole concern for me about leaving Facebook.

The second part of it is the trivial moments of everyone’s lives and their thoughts on everything. I had some friends over a few weeks ago and we had a lengthy conversation about the unknown of the afterlife that was thought provoking and civil. These interactions do not happen on Facebook. Depth and civility are unknown to Facebook, at least the parts I had frequented. Probability would dictate that there are important things that have happened on Facebook, but I don’t recall witnessing a single one. In fact, I think that I could make the claim that if I had never used Facebook for one moment of my life, I doubt that my life would have turned out any worse. I’d encourage anyone to cut the static out of their life. It might not be Facebook. Find it, eliminate it.