Recently Charlie Warzel of Buzzfeed posted an article titled The Case for Deleting All Your Apps (which came to me via Patrick Rhone).

In fact, there’s an easy trick that can improve your smartphone enormously. It’s easy to do and remarkably painless: delete your apps. All of them. Every last one that you’re allowed to delete.

For my personal computer and for my smart phone, I’ve intentionally purchased the device with the smallest capacity (full disclosure, I do have an external storage drive and cloud storage) which forces me to evaluate what is important to me. Years back, I had an enormous DVD collection and an enormous MP3 collection. Neither of those did I spent any time watching or listening to after the first go-round. Some of the items didn’t even have a first go-round, I just acquired to own.

The advice given by Warzel, I, fairly regularly, take to a higher level by erasing everything off of my phone. It’s not as hard as you’d think. Save any important pictures to your computer, make sure whatever cloud service is saving your contacts and calendars is doing what it’s supposed to, go find the master reset switch, and throw it. When it comes back up, have the cloud bring your info back in, then turn to whatever app marketplace your phone uses and download those apps that you actually use.

I did the same thing with my computer today. Same process, just had to shuffle some of my documents to that external hard drive, and wiped everything out.

It does have a liberating feel to it.