So, I’m still a satisfied Digital Ocean customer because I think that the reason that my virtual server died was my fault, but I don’t know exactly what that fault is. Something to do with kernels and package managers and … well, I’m not sure.

I had to rebuild the thing from scratch, so I’m still bringing things up. Bad news is that I didn’t have a backup. I’ve preach backups to everyone, and look at me now, right?

I’ve decided against going with Ghost again. Nothing against Ghost, what-so-ever. It’s a really nice and user friendly blogging platform. I just wanted a change and I’ve had my eye on Jekyll for quite some time. It’s a static site generator, which is all the rage these days, but I think that this will be a pretty good thing for me to work with. So, stay tuned.

Bad news is that all those old posts? Toast. No big deal though really. Did anyone ever read any of the old ones anyway?