Today at work, there was a girl sitting and doing her homework. Probably a co-worker who’s baby sitter didn’t come through, but the girl was hanging out doing some school work. On one of the pages of the book (or perhaps it was a magazine) had the title “Doomsday!” and it didn’t look like a fiction selection. I wonder if every generation had that doom that will end the world. My parents had Russia dropping the bomb. Mine has terrorism. Global warming looks like that’ll probably get us.

I recall going on a fundraising walk in D.C. a year or so back, and I remember just as we were walking past the Jefferson Memorial and crossing the bridge over the Tidal Basin to Ohio Dr., there was a young girl on the walk that looked over the side of the bridge and on the cement wall along the basin was a black backpack. The bag was likely a homeless person’s property, but she insisted, excitedly, to her parents that it was an “unattended bag”. I can only imagine what concern she had for the contents of that bag. But even now, I still remember how she had thought that a forgotten bag was a life endangering risk. Did terrorism cause her, and all of us, to have unfounded fears? Or was it the media or the government?

Although, in my opinion, the world will die in inches when it comes. However, that meteor over Russia a couple years ago was likely one of the most terrifying things I’ve ever seen on video. Maybe a sudden cosmic end to it all would be more like it.