I’ve been sick for over two weeks now. First it was a cough, now it’s something digestive. I had tried to push through the sickness at work, but suppressing coughs and suppressing GI demands are two very different things. Determined to get this thing licked, I picked up a couple of big bottles of Odwalla’s Original Superfood smoothie. I did this because of the vitamin C. The funny thing is- I know full well that vitamin C does nearly nothing for beating sickness. I learned this years ago when I had some very severe diarrhea, and knew I had to stay hydrated. The plan for fixing this was to consume gallons of orange juice every day. After being unable to shake things, I took it to the doctor’s office where I was told that not only is vitamin C not helping with being sick, it’s also a diuretic in high enough doses, so I was making things worse.

Rest seems to be the only thing that really helps with sickness. However, I hate being unreliable to my team and my employer. Getting sick right at the second week of going back to school means that down time is suddenly very rare. I can’t really just push through it until my next day off, because that day off is months away.

I’m counting on the placebo effect to do it’s job with the juice, which is a strange thing to rely on, if you think about it. Or it better if you don’t?